The story behind I Love Ethnic Women

I created this website in September of 2005 in order to shine a spotlight on some of the most beautiful ethnic women in the world. For a long time the online and offline adult industry has been dominated by blonde hair and blue eyed white ladies. However, more recently the online adult industry has realized they have been missing out on a huge segment of the population, ethnic women. Adult pay sites with Asian, Black, Brazilian, Indian and Latina women have started popping up with more frequency in recent years. In addition ethnic specific sites that focus on Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, Argentine, Korean, or Thai women have cropped up as well. In addition sites of individual women of a particular ethnicity have become more usual.

Here at I Love Ethnic Women I have been on a mission to list and review every ethnic themed pay site on the Internet today. The primary reason for this site is to offer guidence to those that love to see and watch sexy ethnic women. Therefore I am compiling the largest and most comprehensive database of adult ethnic pay sites, reviewing them and providing sample content too. Take a moment to bookmark the site, sign up for the weekly newsletter and never worry about missing the best ethnic themed sites online.

Pay Site Reviews

I only review ethnic themed pay sites that have a certain ethnicity as the theme or have a large amount of ethnic models. Therefore only sites with Asian, Black, Brazilian, European, Indian and Latina women or Interracial themed sites will be reviewed. I also review some of the DVD or VOD sites as well, just as long as they have a healthy amount of ethnic content. All of the sites listed here are membership based or have a pay as you go scheme. Therefore as a potential customer you will be able to learn detailed information about the sites before making a decision.

Quality original adult content cost money and takes time and creativity to produce. Therefore expect to pay a reasonable amount for that type of content. I am here to guide you to ethnic themed sites where your money will be well spent.

Unbiased Reviews

I base my reviews on the actual members' area of a site and the many factors that go into building and running a quality adult pay site (scoring guidlines). Read my reviews to see how up front and honest I am about the positives and negatives of a certain site. What I see as the point of I Love Ethnic Women is to provide accurate reviews of adult ethnic pay sites so you, our loyal patrons, can feel confident in choosing which sites to join. Just like buying a car, lawnmower or printer it is important to find a reliable source of information to inform your porn buying process.

Protecting Children

I am committed to protecting children and doing everything I can to prevent, stop and oppose child pornography as well as correctly label this site. Therefore every page of ILEW is ICRA and RTA labeled. I also do not review any pay sites that contain bestiality, rape, violence (simulated or real) or defecation content.