Cross sales for porn sites explained

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Pre-checked cross sales

Keep in mind as you decide to join certain adult sites that a fair portion of porn sites have pre-checked boxes or cross sales on their join pages. These boxes are neatly tucked underneath the information section and not always easy to spot. The pre-checked boxes sometimes melt into the rest of the page so make sure and keep an eye out for them. Click on the screenshots to the right for sample join pages and to familiarize yourself with them. The images have the cross sales circled in red. The better you become at spotting them the less money you will be paying for additional unwanted memberships.

If you do not uncheck the box(es) you will be usually charged a trial amount that will recur after a few days at the stated monthly cost. In other words your $29.95 membership could quickly become a sixty dollar one if you are not careful. You of course have the option to uncheck the box(es) and not pay extra. Too many people new to porn memberships get caught by these pre-checked boxes and that fact can give the industry unwanted negative attention. Therefore if you simply uncheck or do not check these boxes each time you join a site (unless of course you want the additional membership) no surprises will show up on your credit card statement.

Each site I review that has cross sales will have a Cross Sales line inserted into the site details table on the review page. Take notice if a site falls into this category and watch for the boxes on the join page.


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