ILEW Scoring Guidelines

Original Content: (10 pts) I am looking for the percentage of original content to purchased content. Many porn sites these days are reality themed with all original content, at least that is the current trend. I feel this is a positive direction to take as back in the early days of online porn, 10 years ago, many sites had the same content. Nowadays if paysites only have purchased or licensed content chances are their member retention will suffer. With this in mind I want to reward those sites that have mostly or all original content with a higher score. However just because a site only has licensed content doesnt mean the content isn't good it just increases the chances that the member may have seen it before. I also take into consideration sites that only have full-length DVDs and scenes from DVDs. They obviously will not have original content but will receive a score in this category of between 10 and 12 depending on their titles and other factors.

All original = 9-10
Most original the rest not = 7-8
Half & Half = 6
Majority not original = 4 or 5
None original = 3
Same old recycled content = 0-2

Video Quality: (5 pts) You know good video when you see it, but we will make sure to take into consideration such things as size or resolution, crispness and video encoding/compression. True HD quality videos will score the highest but other things such as fluid playback will play a part as well. We will look at the most recent 25-50 videos when considering the quality as older updates might not be as good quality.

Photo Quality: (5 pts) The larger the file the better?: Not always. Typically sites with larger images will score higher, but only if those images are not blurry or out of focus. Sharpness, lighting and any potential Photoshopping will be taken into consideration as well. Sites that offer several photo sizes will also score higher.

Content Quantity: (10 pts) The amount of content is undoubtedly going to depend on several factors including the length of time the site has been around. For newer sites I am going to take a look at other sites they may already have running and the promises they make to the surfers regarding the frequency of updates. The numbers below refer to individual video episodes and photo galleries or sets combined. Screencaps do not count as photos. If a site updates with new models and they have both videos and photos then that counts as 2. This way I can better evaluate their overall content collection regardless if it is pics or videos.

300 or more = 10
201 - 300 = 9
101 - 200 = 8
81 - 100 = 7
61 - 80 = 6
41 - 60 = 5
31 - 40 = 4
21 - 30 = 3
15 - 20 = 2
14 or less = 1

Ease of Navigation: (10 pts) This category is fairly self explanatory. Navigation includes having plenty of links to easily find your way through the site, clearly labeled internal links and no confusing or misleading links. The layout of the site is also important as it pertains to navigating smoothly through the site. The simpler the site is laid out the higher score a site will receive.

Honesty: (10 pts) An often overlooked yet important aspect of the buying process for a porn site is how honest the company is on its tour, enticement or marketing pages. Do they make bold claims that sound great on page but are nowhere to be found once you have paid or do they back up what they purport to offer inside the members area? This score is going to be an indication of what to expect of their overall customer service. If they are enticing you to join with grandiose declarations but are flat out lying then one might be a bit leery of joining. Sometimes sites make slight exagerations or embellishments but for the most part speak the truth about what they offer the customer. Those sites with no misleading statements will receive a higher score.

Updates: (10 pts) The inability or desire of a company to frequently update will cost them in this category. The more they update the better score they'll receive, it's that simple.

3 - 5 times/week = 10
2 times/week = 9
1 time/week = 8
3 times/month = 7
2 times/month = 6
1 time/month = 5
1 time/2 months = 4
1 time/3 months = 3
1 time/4 months = 2
1 time/6 months = 1
1 time/year or who knows when = 0

Speed: (10 pts) If a porn paysite has tons of content but it takes 10 minutes to download or see a picture then what's the point of sticking around? Speed is especially important for porn sites because of the large files that have to be streamed and downloaded. The score is based on a DSL or similar connection speed, obviously not dial up. If you are an avid porn searcher online then I highly recommend as fast a connection as you can afford or get.

Lightening fast = 10
Very fast = 8 or 9
Pretty darn fast = 6 or 7
Lethargic = 4 or 5
Stick in the mud = 2 or 3
I took a nap = 1

Downloads: (5 pts) Having the ability to download photos and videos from a website is only one important factor when it comes to this aspect of scoring a site. We also take into consideration how many video file formats, the various quality files, whether they offer only fill length downloads or shorter clips and for picture sets if the site allows for different photo resolutions, i.e. sizes, in zip file format.

2+ video file formats & different quality files + both full length clips & shorter clips + multi-res zip files = 5
2+ video file formats & different quality files + both full length clips & shorter clips + 1 res zip files = 4
2+ video file formats & different quality files + only full length clips + 1 res zip files = 3
2+ video file formats + only full length clips + 1 res zip files = 2
1 video file format, size & quality + zip files = 1
No video or photo downloads = 0

Streaming: (5 pts) In today's online porn paysite world members expect a certain level of not only quality but convenience. Therefore, sites offering embedded streaming video players will score higher than those without one. Downloading a potentially large file can take minutes, something that a new member might not be willing to wait for. However, if a site has a streaming option then the member can quickly see what the video has in store. Also, things such as a smooth non jumpy playback, fast loading and buffering when skipping forward and back and of course a high quality streaming video will score the highest.

Embedded player + HQ video + smooth playback + quick loading & buffering = 5
Embedded player + HQ video + smooth playback = 4
Large Embedded player = 3
Small embedded player = 2
No videos on the website = 1
Videos but no embedded player = 0

Price: (10 pts) (Slowly phasing this scoring component out) The amount of money one wants to pay for access to a porn pay site is a slippery slope indeed. While we all want inexpensive access there are several things to consider. Original quality porn updated frequently can be expensive so don't expect to pay $9.99 a month for all your porn. On the other end if a site is charging a similar price take a look at the amount of content, how frequently they update and the quality of the content. I reward sites for a less expensive monthly price but take other areas into consideration. Many sites nowadays have trials, multi-month and even yearly access options. However, our scores are based solely on monthly prices, which all paysites have.

$12 or less/month = 10
$12.01 - $15/month = 9
$15.01 - $$20/month = 8
$20.01 - $25/month = 7
$25.01 - $30/month = 6
$30.01 - $35/month - 5
$35.01 - $40/month = 4
$40.01 - $45/month = 3
$45.01 - $50/month = 2
$50.01 - $55/month = 1
$55.01 or more = 0

Design: (10 pts) The attractiveness of a site can be important when viewing your porn. How does the site look? Does it have too many graphics and therefore take too long to load? Is it very unappealing or just downright ugly? Also does the structure or organization make perfect sense or no sense at all? Visually appealing websites with interesting yet not annoying features score higher.

Entertainment: (5 pts) For many people the entertainment value is most important when talking about video content and the overall feel of the members' area. A site's content should have entertainment value but quantifying that value can prove difficult. Usually a video's humor or even shock value can boost this score. If the content is run of the mill then this score will likely decrease. Site theme originality can play into the entertainment score as well.

Bonus Material: (5 pts) Many porn pay sites nowadays are part of a network of sites that usually give you access to all their sites once you join just one. Some networks are only 6 or 10 sites while others have 30 or more sites. While I appreciate bonus sites I have to also keep in mind whether all the bonus sites actually have different content or are only used for marketing purposes.

10 or more bouns sites = 5
4-9 bonus sites = 4
1-3 bonus sites plus some extras = 3
A few extras= 1 or 2
No extras or bonus sites = 0