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Review date 1/19/06
30 days $9.99
Upside + large amount of general content
+ easy navigation
+ great price
Downside - no original content
- misrepresentation of site
- some problems with speed of site
Videos 29 videos (avg. 30 min.)
Download & Stream clips.
Full scene/episode viewing option.
Windos (.wmv) DivX (.avi) and Flash (in browser) formats.
No DRM (no license restrictions)
Photos 233 photo sets (25-100 per set)
Extras Games, stories, live cams, bonus videos and photos, phone sex, escort services, adult mall.
ILEW Review

This site is no longer available, but we now link to a quality ethnic site from the same network. Enjoy!

Looking for strictly amateur asian hotties having sex? Real Asian Amateurs is probably not the right site to fulfill that desire, although there is plenty of Asian content just not strictly amateur. Lets talk for a moment about amateur pornsites. What does that word mean to you in the realm of porn? Do you expect women in their bedrooms filming themselves having sex, women new to the porn industry or seasoned asian hotties pretending to have sex for the first time? Or do you not give a crap what type of amateur they are as long as there is a lot of great sex and hot asian women? Regardless of which outlook you take Real Asian Amateurs does not even attempt to portray the women as all being amateurs. A nominally amateur site that boasts "the worlds largest XXX video collection". Well I guess you could take their word for it or just appreciate that they have a very large video collection, 663 total DVD's. Of course that includes all the 34 categories not just Asian. The name of this site lures Asian amateur lovers in but is not a strictly Asian site. You also get over 200 sets of asian women photos of good quality.

I can not reiterate enough about this site and others like it that are not what they claim to be. Many porn sites are set-up that way in order to get a more wide audience to purchase a membership. However, if you are looking for a site focused on asian amateurs with exclusive content obviously not seen elsewhere then this site willl not do the trick. If this site was represented strictly as a general site with multiple categories of porn then there would be no confusion for the consumer. At last that is why our site exists to lead you, the nieve or experienced porn surfer in the correct direction.

The design of the site is pleasant with easy navigation. Every page accessable from the top navigation links. You get plenty of direction to navigate throughout the site and find what you want.

Real Asian Amateurs could do with exclusive content and an actual amateur theme. There are many sites out there today that are producing quality original content with a particular theme. The giant mega porn sites with licensed content are slowloy being edged out by the more original and quality sites. Of course the special price for this site at only $9.99 per month is an absolute steal. The amount of content you get with all the DVD's, photos and extra sites is amazing for the price.

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Join Real Asian Amateurs.
Original content 6/10
Quality 7/10
Content quantity 9/10
Navigation 8/10
Honesty 4/10
Updates 6/10
Speed 5/10
Prices 10/10
Design 7/10
Entertainment 1/5
Bonuses 3/5
ILEW Overall Score: 62